As I work on my Master’s research, I fell into the concept of BSS colouring. As much as I struggled to find the true definitions of it, I thought there might be some other researchers who are also struggling to understand it. Therefore, I collect various sources and compiled the details I presented below. This article assumes you know what you are looking for, and it does not dig into Wi-Fi basics.

OBSS Colouring

The term OBSS stands for Overlapping Basic Service Set (BSS). BSS represents a collection of stations (STAs) that may communicate together within an 802.11 network. The…

The industry blames incompetent graduates. The graduates are complaining about impractical courses from the Academic Institutions, Academic Institutions pushes to Lecturers competency, Lecturers push it back to students. And the cycle goes on and on,

Every one among these stakeholders has a role to play, while the interconnection between them makes it a perfect shot for the benefit of all.

In four years of learning and practising in the Education field, I found that everything starts from an Individual level. Passion and commitment drive the wheel to success. …

Lunodzo Mwinuka

Tech and Education Champion

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